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Many growers those are specialized in planting mango  in the Mekong River  Delta provinces such as Dong Thap,
Tien Giang, Hau Giang, An Giang ... today already know how to use  regulatory chemicals of Paclobutrazol and some foliar fertilizers containing much
 P and K to  treat  off-season flowering  mango , the main purpose is to sell a higher price in order to increase profits.
We hope this article  that will help farmers and mango growers  understand more about  fertilizers  and chemicals
of  the  Saigon Plant Protection Joint Stock Company , simultaneously . apply  it into  off-season flowering  treatment   process on mango in   the  most effective   way .
Everybody  gets  on coach “ " Is there anyone  missing  ? " we are ready , let’s go ! “ Hence , District 7-Hiep Phuoc  coach  starts  together with group of staff  approaching  Nha Be area  in order to   give timely products  for beloved farmers
LETTER OF THANKS (Mar 14, 2014)
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