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Many growers those are specialized in planting mango  in the Mekong River  Delta provinces such as Dong Thap,
Tien Giang, Hau Giang, An Giang ... today already know how to use  regulatory chemicals of Paclobutrazol and some foliar fertilizers containing much
 P and K to  treat  off-season flowering  mango , the main purpose is to sell a higher price in order to increase profits.
We hope this article  that will help farmers and mango growers  understand more about  fertilizers  and chemicals
of  the  Saigon Plant Protection Joint Stock Company , simultaneously . apply  it into  off-season flowering  treatment   process on mango in   the  most effective   way .

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                        As  farmers  have known , for  rubber  grows and develops well ,  gets high yield,
in addition to the phases should be performed well as tillage, variety selection, fertilization, care,
weed management, especially Imperata cylindrica  is very important.

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Rats are  important pest throughout the rice-growing areas in Asia ,
if not better prevention and treatment ,
yield loss  by damaging rats  will  be  significant and indirectly reduce the income of farmers .

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BLAST DISEASE (Nov 25, 2013)
Blast disease  is the most important disease of rice plant  because the disease can damage
any growth stage of the rice plant  from the seedling stage -tillering- blossoming -ripening and
disease can damage the parts of the rice plant : leaf , leaf neck  , stem internode , panicle neck and
on seed   depending on  damaged part  so that it is called , leaf blast and leaf  neck blast , panicle neck  blast .
Severe disease can cause  yield loss fully  . In the Mekong River  Delta ,  rice blast disease can occur  all year round  ,  especially  Winter-Spring crop .

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Rubber plantation bring good profits , so taking care rubber tree  to  grow and develop well ,
to give  high yield latex is  the matter of concern , in addition to appropriate farming practices ,
plant protection ,  pest treatment  prevention , especially  rubber disease is  the  matter of concern .
Here we would like to present some of the major diseases  on rubber  tree.

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