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General View

Having the honour of introducing you few features about our company...
The international transaction name: SAIGON PLANT PROTECTION JOINT STOCK COMPANY
Abbreviated name: SPC

Address: RQ 01, Nguyen Van Quy street, Tan Thuan Dong ward, District 7, HCMC

SPC was established in 1989, namely Saigon Pesticide  Factory under Sub-PPD in HCMC.
Despite operating under Sub-PPD in HCMC and  just a few products produced by the technology process of Rhone Poulenc company, but due to  speedily increasing market demand, so the products of the factory were consumed very strong, bringing high economic efficiency.

On February 18 .1993, implementing Decisions no 68/QD-UB of the People's Committee of HCMC according no 388/CP of government regulations, Saigon Pesticide Factory converted into Saigon Pesticide Enterprise. Enterprise began operations as an independent economic  accounting unit, with legal status and separated from Sub-PPD in HCMC.

After a year in stable operation and efficient business, Enterprise’s products gaining market share more and more, enterprise was required investment in order to expand production scale, so Enterprise has improved technology process, product diversification and enhancement of technical economic level for staff.

Therefore, on April 22.1994, by Decision no 1177/QD-UB-NC of the People's Committee of HCMC, Saigon Pesticide Enterprise officially became Saigon Pesticide Company .

In 1997, Saigon pesticide Company was the member of the Saigon. Agricultural Incorporation

On June .30.2004, by Decision no 3131/QD-UB of the People's Committee of HCMC. SaiGon Pesticide Company was officially renamed: the Sai Gon Plant Protection State Limited Company.

Next, based on Decision no: 5698/QD-UBND December 27.2007 of People's Committee of HCMC on project approval and company conversion from the SaiGon Plant Protection State limited Company to SaiGon Plant Protection Joint Stock Company and June 09.2008, SPC has officially become  SaiGon Plant Protection  Joint Stock Company. SaiGon Plant Protection Joint Stock Company officially operating under the new model since June 14.2008 based on certificate of business registration no: 4103010609 dated June 14.2008 issued by the Department of Planning and Investment in HCMC.

Up to now, SPC has nearly 600 staff, working in 18 branches affiliated to foreign and domestic; with over 100 plant protection products, foliar feed, seeds etc... are distributed in 04 Southeast Asian countries.
With the considerable contribution mentioned above, in 2004, the company had the honour to be bestowed Labor Medal grade II. "SPC" logo is constantly being voted  by consumers as  Vietnam High Quality Goods from 2005 to present.


Logo of the company with square  and circle  represent the Earth and Sun, originated  from legend “ Day and Chung  rice cakes    under the VI Hung Vuong king  .The rice  ears  is symbolized  for agricultural sector with wet rice civilization, 53 golden - ripened are represented for 53 Vietnamese Cities - Provinces in the year of 1994, SPC is the short name of SaiGon Plant Protection Joint Stock Company.

Meaning: The company’s logo represents an Oriental philosophy is:
Clement Weather – Favourable  Terrain – United People “

With this logo, we would like to show our developing philosophy ourselves:
 “Satisfy  aspiration for a stable and green agriculture“


To become a leading company in tropical agricultural services where pioneering in applying  new technology and innovation


To provide quality products  and services which fulfill aspiration for the sustainable and green agriculture