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PYANCHOR 3EC controls  many kinds of  weed groups belonging,  grasses, sedges  broadleaf weeds and, especially control Echinochloa sp as well when being grown up (6-7 leaves). If early spray (Echinochloa sp with 2 - 4 leaves) using in low-dose, late spray (Echinochloa sp with 5-7 leaves), high dose applied.
PYANCHOR 3EC rapid internal absorption through the leaves, after spraying 5 hours, if having rain, there needn’t  to be sprayed again.


RICE Echinochloa sp, Cyperus difformis, Fimbristylis  miliacea, Ludwigia octovalvis, Marsilea  quadrifolia , Monochoria  vaginalis etc… 8 - 14 days after sowing, transplanting 0.8 litre/Ha. Dilute 40ml/16- litre-water tank  .
15 – 20 days 1.0 litre/Ha. Dilute 50ml/16- litre-water tank  .
Leptochochloa sp 8 - 12 days after sowing, transplanting 1.0 litre/Ha. Dilute 50ml/16- litre-water tank  .
For getting high effectiveness to control weed, farmers should pay attention
Discharge water in the field  about 1 hour before spraying , let weeds  expose out of the water surface. After spraying 1 - 2 days, irrigate water into the field and keep the water level about half the height of the rice plant  for 3-5 consecutive days.

If after discharging water from the field, there are many places with water pool, it should combine with one of the following  herbicides: Huyet Rong 10WP, Beron 10WP, Zico 720DD, Zico 600 SL or Zico 550 DD. Dose of  above products  is reduced  by 1/3  in comparison with instructions marked on the packaging.
The field  has a lot of Leptochchloa sp, early Spray 8 - 12 days after sowing ( weed from 2 to under 4 leaves).
The field has a lot of migratory thrips or BPH , it is necessary to combine with Bascide 50EC or Golden Dragon 585 EC, after mixing we should spray immediately, not  leave the mixture overnight .
At the thick growing of rice, it is noted to spray carefully, to put nozzle close to weed for product  contacting the weed leaf
In cold weather, weed control  is less effective. Not to spray when the land is dry, cracked, or temperature is under  16 OC (at this temperature, the rice plant and the weed  stop growing). In the cold weather 18 -20oC ( spring –summer season  in the North) . It is required to raise  the doses 5-10 ml  per tank against  the standard  doses
Spray product  in the hot dry weather, but  the field  must be damped enough, it is necessary to well spray  so that the weed leaf can be well-damped
Towards upland rice, direct-seeded rice, within  the duration  from  8-24 days after sowing, if the land is dry, please wait for heavy rain which makes  the land damp enough (the land leave a lot of footstep signs when stepping on ); it is the time to spray. If spraying late, it should be raised  doses
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