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HERBICIDE FOR RUBBER GROWING LAND Lyphoxim 41 SL and Pesle 276 SL (Jan 03, 2014)

            To control weeds, in addition to plowing , burying  weed seeds, collecting  stems ,
roots left after tillage  to burn ,  do not  let  weeds  develop and produce  seeds  on production field  etc. ...
the use of agrochemicals  is still optimization measure because  the  effect  of killing weeds  is absolute ,
reducing labor and taking the advantage  of time  than weeding by hand.
            In the special subject  of   technical  information  on today, I would like to introduce  all farmers  
the  two  products of  Saigon Plant Protection Joint Stock Company ,  have  been and  are being  used  widely
 by  many farmers for rubbergardens,  these herbicides are  Lyphoxim 41 SL and Pesle 276 SL
1. Characteristics of  Lyphoxim 41SL product  are :  
+ Non-selective herbicide, kill most perennial and annual weeds that grew leaves . Especially  high and
lasting effectiveness  for grass weeds that have rhizocorms underground such as  Imperata cylindrica ,
Panicum repens, Cynolon dactylon , reeds etc…product makes weeds die  thoroughly  and they  can not re-generate
 Product  is  rapidly innerly absorbed  through shoots , leaves and other green parts of weeds,  
inside  product is translocated  roots  and rhizocorms underground ,  makes weeds stop growing
and die after  4-5 days ( as for annual weeds ) and die after  7-10 days ( as for perennial  weeds such as  Imperata cylindrica , Panicum repens )
+The recommended dose for  Imperata cylindrica  is to  mix 4-6 liters of product  with  500-600 liters of water,
 to be used for 1 ha or to mix 70-85ml of product / 8-litre-water tank  , spray 6-7  tanks per 1000 m2.
+ As for  other weeds such as  Echinochloa colona  , Eleusine indica  , Digitaria sp , Ischaemum  rugosum ,
other weeds  with  shallow rootage , without  undergound rhizocorms
, dose 2-3 liters of product ,
to mix with 400-480 liters of water  using for 1 ha, or dilute 40-60ml of product / 8- litre-watertank  ,
spray 5-6 tanks  per 1000 m2.
+As for  rubber  at seedling stage: Farmers should  pay attention, only spray herbicide upon rubber tree at seedling stage ,
trunk bark  has become browned  over 0.5 m apart from the ground weeds are growing vigorously , green leaves ,  young shoots  , not showing flowers
+Lyphoxim 4 SL herbicide  with active agent  Glyphosate Isopropylamine salt, containing 480gram
1 liter of the product  in addition to the use of eliminating weeds  for rubber garden, many farmers also use for weed control for reclamation land ,
to the field before planting annual crops, orchards, perennial industrial trees,  weeds on the field borders , roadside weeds etc..