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Beginning a working week  with  far away  business trip , looking through the car window, the scenery along the street as long running into my eyes, a stream  of crowded people are eager to work  made me   ponder on it .  Suddenly thinking   , I have  worked  for one year in SPC  . One year seems to be short , but to me it is extremely important milestone in life, is a leg with many memories attached with SPC , and everbody  as well as  colleagues. Here, the thing I  respect and love  most  is  that the people of  SPC,  someone has worked closely with dozens of years, someone is   new  here like me  , each of  them  has  own a  valuable distinction.
Recalling  the first days when working at SPC , a  complete fledgeling  as  female engineer  of Plant Protection sector has  just  graduated from  university , much embarrassments and shortcomings, so that with the enthusiastic help of everybody in R & D  department , I get used to the job .Uncle , the Head of department with a bit thin posture , gentle temperament  ,  like Ngot to be  his name . He has been   always interested in  department staff  . He frequently reminds me  learning  English,  preparing for post graduate  and teaching me  lots  of  right things  . I did  as an experimenter , experimental team  has   three  people,  team leader  whose very  beautiful name is  Truc Linh. I greatly  adore  her , as for me she has been   very exemplary and devoted to work, with people she is always cheerful and open. She  teaching also  me a lot  of good  things  both in work and life, from the minor  flaws in the report to the actions and common senses, made me realize the right direction. And  Mr Trung Phuc who always accompanied me  on experimental working  trip  can not fail to mention. Everyone knew you with honest-and- gentle nature , tanned complexion . His tanned color is  not inborn, but  by more than 5 years with SPC with experimental work in the field.  To become tanned  is  unavoidable while wading   in the field  under the baking sun   in order to investigate and count  each weed. Some people teases me that " I will  be as tanned as  Mr Phuc later" I laughed and then dodge away. Both of us  go  to the  field  together , with  wind , sun, rain, and  soaking sweat, rather tired, but happy. Being glad  as being worked , contributed to the development of a common home SPC. I feel lucky when working here,  all people are  very united and love one another as  siblings  in  the family.
26-year leg  of development of SPC has experienced many ups and downs, thanks to the contributions and untiring sacrifices  of the previous generations. I do not witness but  also understand somewhat when having been told about these people. One of the people whom  I know and the  closest person is Ms  Hoa  . It is told  that when  was young, she was always eager to work, actively participate in the  activities of Communist Youth Union  and Trade  union. She served as Trade Union  Chairwoman   to have been   loved and respected by many  people . Now   she reaches retirement age , but she still cares for everyone. Some day that has  fruits  or cakes , she  brings  it to company and  offer  people  eating at the break  . A person whose entire  life  sacrifices for SPC  , gives her mind to caring  others so  those  deeds are  worthy of praise  for us to follow
SPC  becomes strong today , can not forget  the tremendous  merits   of Director Anh . I  rarely  contact  job  insider  , but I feel very adorable  and admirable towards her  capability  of management and operation . Such a dainty looking  but  having a tremendous energy  and   firm stuff  . Recalling  every breakfast in the morning , when sitting by her , I'm scared, but also not afraid what . Yet while chatting with her, every feeling in my fear disappeared, because she is very close, so I forget that I ‘am merely a staff   and she  is a  director. It seems that  the relationship  between  director and staff have become relationships of the loved in the family.
I realize that the good in the leaders  reserve  not only  all of you as well as me  for  job opportunities  but also  human affection in each concern despite the simplest  thing  . It was  the very lucky matter for myself and all you , Because not everyone has  had  regards in each  turning-point of life . Each of us, at any level,  all people  get voluntary intimate feelings from  colleagues  whether  you are old age or young one , lovely and  such no  boundaries. Because we  must  truly love  and  sincerely concern one another  , then  relationship can be  durably connected.
When working  at SPC . I get acquainted with the  group of  young people , we enjoy playing together with full  of fun  and honesty , I thought just at  school age to get this. I love each of you at various points. Ms Loan ,  Marketing & Sales  department  , has a  very dimpled charming smile . We  share  lodging room  together  ,  she is very  gentle and rarely angry , but if  having  there is only a little  ,then  make a  big laugher and forget  all . I love the straight manner  of Ms. Khanh in Import- Export department , Mr Hai  whose nickname is  Siu Nhun Trau  has sulky  and childish character . I love interestedness  and seemingly slight takativeness  and  it sometimes  gets a bit uncharming   of Mr Thi  in Investment  & Planning department . I have been   nicknamed  “fridge “  by  Mr. Duy ( as an initiator )  . Because  the  way of  my speech  feels  body chilled . I love  the optimism  of Mr. Ngoc ;  the sweet singing voice of Ms Que Phuong  ; the  joyfulness and sociability of  female staff  in Financial & Accounting  dept ; every morning  smile of   the  guard  ( uncle  Thu )  with  bright -friendly  eyes . I love  the   hard working clean-up of   of Ms Nang and  Ms Phuong from dawn till dusk   so as to give me  to be worked  in a   nice home SPC  and   playing  badminton with all you  by   afternoons  , ringing  laughter  dispels the fatigue of a stressfully  working day . I love  SPC’s people , they are  closely bonded together by invisible  feelings that nothing can be cut off.
However strong  you are , no one can survive alone, therefore, the companions is  always a special meaning. I have not yet enough experience to affirm anything, but I believe that no matter how complicated life  is , just a sincere heart  and warmth, you'll meet such  people those are  on  the  discovering itinerary for this  life  . For me, SPC is a  great family, the colleagues  are also  the  loved , we accidentally meet together   but  aim at  the same  goal  
Each person  is  considered as a brick  to build  home  SPC  actually  . In this one  we   found a common voice,   saw the love of colleagues and were  aware what our omissions is   , understood what we  did  and fully devoted  to the common cause. Each one of  SPC but wears  own identity , its own cultural values ​​but  all have one thing in common is that moral values, values of  ​​enthusiasm and team spirit. It is the very  values ​​in these people  those have created a culture of SPC. SPC’s culture  is a concept not one or two  days  that can be formed. It is the creation and fostering of values ​​to create its own identity from year to year, SPC’s culture has formed in the existence and  It is a latent spiritual strength in order that SPC can faithfully follow  the guideline , has  a stable inner force  for long range reach .